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Tiffany Lighting and Mission Lighting - A New  Spin on Contemporary Lighting.


Step outside of your comfort zone and look into the real lighting options available to you. We will be happy to help you choose whatever mission style lighting fixtures or Tiffany lighting fixtures are best for you and at prices you can afford!

It seems that the good “old-fashioned” lamp is all but a thing of the past these days. Modern lighting professionals and interior designers are spurring the likes of Tiffany lamps or even mission lamps for new-age track and recessed lighting alternatives. While these lighting options may be the only practical solution in a truly contemporary décor, most people could still benefit from a nice Tiffany table lamp in their décor or even some tasteful mission lighting. Most homes would see a marked improvement in décor and atmosphere by choosing more traditional lighting options like stained glass lighting or some period lighting. We have a wide selection of Tiffany lighting fixtures and mission style lighting solutions that will bring some charm and elegance into your home at prices you can afford.

There has been a backlash in recent years against the sterile nature of contemporary décor. While people once spurned Tiffany Lighting because they considered it too ornate and gaudy, they now clamor to have the beauty and warm glow of  Tiffany table lamps in their homes if only to offset the impersonal nature of their ultra conservative interior design. Some people do not believe that the décor of the home should have the feel of an office or business so they are buying peacock Tiffany lamps to make the home a home again. We have all of the Tiffany lighting solutions you will ever need to retake your house and make it a sanctuary once more against the impersonal nature of the world and many of its lighting fixture manufacturers!

For those not wishing to completely abandon the design of their contemporary homes and retreat wholly into the ornate and traditional, mission lighting offers the perfect solution. Mission style lighting emphasized the straight lines and simplistic nature of the contemporary while offering ornate spindles and other refinements to bring some style into the décor. Mission lamps are famous for bridging the gap between the modern and the traditional. A classic yet subdued iron finish on your mission style lighting fixtures will blend in with most contemporary designs. For those with a more relaxed and muted interior design, a brass finish mission lamp will blend in perfectly with the surroundings and may even match a brass fireplace screen should you have one. For the perfect mission lighting fixtures for your décor, consult with our design expert and find them from our immense stock at a price that you can be happy about!

Some people also make the mistake of presuming that Tiffany Table Lamps and Lighting are only appropriate with a traditional interior design. While it is true that a Tiffany pendant light will most likely clash with a modern décor, this may be precisely the effect you are looking for! That is right, because Tiffany lamps and lighting fixtures can be used to either accent or contrast with your contemporary décor. A Tiffany desk lamp brings the right amount of style and sophistication to any office and may be just the piece you need to perfectly set your glass-top desk apart from the rest of the décor in the room. Style is every bit about accent as it is upon contrast. A Tiffany style hanging lamp can be both ambient and accent lighting if used properly over a pool table! Our design experts and unbelievable inventory of quality Tiffany lighting products means that you will have no problem finding the perfect Tiffany lighting fixture to complement—or contrast—your décor!

It is important never to assume that a contemporary home means that mission lighting or Tiffany table lamps are impossible lighting options for your house. Mission lamps are at home in both traditional and modern environments and we have the perfect mission lighting for you. Tiffany lamps are great to accent or contrast your décor and either way will look great and provide the environment with a warm wash of light and set the tone for the room.

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