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Drinking Water Filter Systems: Design and Point of Installation Guide Your Selection

The Mr. Water Filter Online Store offers a huge choice of the finest drinking water purifiers and information that will help smart shoppers like you find the right water purification system.

The best drinking water filter for your house can be one of several different designs. Each design comes with good points and weaknesses, so selecting the pest design to fit your kitchen, your needs, and your available space is a smart starting point in the decision process.

Water Filters Attached to the Kitchen Faucet

Faucet Mount Water Filters install on your existing kitchen sink faucet and include a diverter valve so water can go through or bypass the filter. Faucet Mounted Water Filters are not recommended, because only a minimal filter cartridge, which is often limited to granularized activated carbon, which has limited effectiveness.

Most often, a two stage counter top water filter that uses a carbon block resin cartridge provides much safer water than a minimal filter.

Water Filters to Install Under Your Sink

A water filtration system installed under your sink saves usable counter top work area and gives a permanent installation. Since under the Kitchen Sink Water Filters get installed in a hidden location, under your sink, they can typically be larger, and able to offer the best water. A two cansiter, four stage water filter installed under your sink supplies high-grade water for you, with very small space usage under the sink.

This design of water filter is often referred to as under counter water treatment systems, Because you do not have to put them below a sink.

Water Coolers that Include Filtration Systems

water coolers with built in filtration are not limited used in an office setting anymore. Lots of mothers push their children to drink more water and fewer soft drinks, especially when the kids can get refills without entering high traffic areas of the kitchen.

a modern pure water cooler gives you heated and chilled water whenever needed, so you can make cool-aid or hot chocolate as the weather dictates. The best feature is, your drinking water is pure without heavy bottles breaking your back.

Water Filters for Your Refrigerator

Drinking Water Filtration for the Refrigerator easily be attached to a fridge to filter your drinking water and ice that comes from your ice maker.

A water filter system for your refrigerator spares you from pollutants that end up in bottled drinks by way of your refrigerator plumbed in ice maker. If you don't cook very much, filtering the water along with ice you get from your fridge could be the only thing needed. Water filters made for the refrigerator are like ice maker water filters, it is just a question of the exact appliance to which they are attached.

Pitchers for Filtering Your Water

Water filtration pitchers transfer your water to pass through a filter media using gravity. These are not the best filtration mechanism as it is not possible to use ceramic filtration media, because gravity is the only force available, compared to tap water pressure. Filtration systems of this design are also a slow way to make filtered drinking water and limit your options for filter cartridges.

Portable Water Filtration

For people that are going places, water filters that are portable are a great thing to have. Portable filters range from sports bottles to counter top water filtration systems.

Counter Top Water Filters

Water Filters Designed for the Countertop are very simple to install yourself, so they're a good choice for apartment living or when a permenant installation is not desired. Moreover, there is no need for a hole in your sink or counter top to install a water filter on your countertop and a counter top water filter with a single canister requires no more countertop space than a water pitcher. A countertop water filtration system is a good one to buy when space under your counter is already taken.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water purification is not the fastest process, thus a storage tank is used to hold purified water so you don't run out of water. If there is not space available under-counter a reverse osmosis water purification system is not an option. Also remember that reverse osmosis purification is no longer the best water filter technology.

In spite of the many choices, you should be able up to easily identify a layout of a home water filtration system that fits your needs best. Most of the decision hinges on the usable space installed in your kitchen and whether you need water for cookin or for drinking.

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